Thursday, February 5, 2015

Great week for all of us Nashville Radio Promotions promoted artists on The Roots Music charts. Congrats to everyone.
The Roots Music Report's Top 50 True Country Song Chart
for the Week of Feb 3, 2015

#8 I Love You Because DuWayne & Rhonda Heyd
#11 Somebody's Angel J. K. Coltrain
#14 I Don't Hurt As Much As I Used To Jerry Schmitt
#18 I Like It Here Don Vigo
#22 The Company I Keep Josh Bruffee
#28 His Eyes We're So Blue Maxine Vader
#29 Give Me Everything He Doesn't Want J.K. Coltrain

Top 50 True Country Album Chart
#12 Broken J.K. Coltrain Colt Records
#14 I Love You Because DuWayne & Rhonda Heyd Midland
#21 100 Miles Jerry Schmitt Colt Records
#26 I Like It Here Don Vigo Colt Records

Top 50 Hot Country Song Chart
#25 As Country As It Gets Chad Reinert

Top 50 Hot Country Album Chart
#14 High on Livin' TJ Leonard Colt Records

Top 50 Americana Country Song Chart
#30 Gold Kerry Wallace
#31 Mean Dry County Red Idle Rejects

Top 50 Americana Country Album Chart
#50 Winter Left A Rose Kerry Wallace Colt Records

Top 50 Religious Album Chart
#3 Hold My Hand Michele Anastasio NRP

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