Saturday, February 28, 2015

Awesome week for our artists on the Roots Charts including a #1 by Jerry Schmitt.
The Roots Music Report's Top 50 True Country Song Chart for the Week of Feb 25, 2015
#1 I Don't Hurt As Much As I Used To Jerry Schmitt
#25 I Love You Because DuWayne & Rhonda Heyd
#44 Somebody's Angel J.K. Coltrain
#45 Grandma Don Vigo
#46 Drink Until I Drop Jerry Schmitt
#48 The Company I Keep Josh Bruffee Farm Hands Band
#49 I Like It Here Don Vigo

Top 50 True Country Album Chart
#2 100 Miles Jerry Schmitt Colt Records
#16 Wine Country Andy Joe Stewart Colt Records
#23 Broken J.K. Coltrain Colt Records
#27 I Like It Here Don Vigo Colt Records
#44 Country Lives On Thomas White Nashville Radio Promotions

Top 50 Hot Country Song Chart
#43 As Country As It Gets Chad Reinert

Top 50 Hot Country Album Chart
#41 High on Livin' TJ Leonard Colt Records

Top 50 Religious Album Chart
#6 Hold My Hand Michele Anastasio Nashville Radio Promotions

Nashville Radio Promotions

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