Sunday, May 4, 2014

Our promoted artists had an awesome week on The Country Entertainment USA chart.

#7 Texas Women Suit Me The Best/ Nathan Young/Colt Records
#9 You're Not There/ J. K. Coltrain & Nikki Nelson/ Colt Records
#11 I Love Texas Girls / Bellamy Brothers / Bellamy Brothers
#15 You Just Won't Do/ Kristi Stafford/ Colt Records
#16 Until The Right One Comes Along/ Four Leaf Clover
#19 His Eyes Were So Blue/ Maxine Vader/ Colt Records
#23 Another Round/ Clay Alston/ Indie
#24 Cold Wind Blowin'/ Kerry Wallace/ Colt Records
#29 The Truth About You/ Brad Miller/ Colt Records

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Cheryl Long said...

When I’m looking for the latest country music, I always end up in one spot – 103.1 WIRK. I was even lucky enough to catch up with Keith Van Allen in the streets and got free ‘Rib Round Up’ tickets. Just one of the many events that keep me tuned into