Sunday, July 20, 2008

Indie Country Fest 2008

Hi All,

We are in the beginning planning stages for holding an Independent Country Music Festival in Ohio on September 27th. It is a bit of a short notice I know but if there is enough interest shown we plan to go for it as the Indie artists need their own festival to promote their talents to the people.

I sincerely believe that the best artists in The World are not the ones on the major labels that you are hearing on your radio everyday. Sadly country music has reached a state when the one with the most marketing, promotion and of course MONEY behind them wins and talent has very little to do with it.

I and my friends & business partners are wanting to do what we can to change that but it will take some time as it has taken 18-20 years for the music business to reach its present state.

So if you are an artist on an Indie label or no label at all that is interested in performing please send me an email. Just be forewarned that at least for this year it will not be a paying gig. In fact we may have to even charge a small fee to perform just to cover our expenses.

We have to pay rental on the facilities, hire security, purchase liability insurance and pay for the production costs such as sound, lights & staff members. Not to mention that we need to advertise and promote the show.

We will also be video taping if you are interested in having a video of your live performance. We are not looking to make money from this as it is for the artists but we have to cover our costs.

If you are a fan please show your support and make plans to attend on Saturday September 27th from around 11 AM until 10 PM.

More info & directions are listed on the website, which I am still in the process of building. It is at

J. K. Coltrain

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Songwriters Workshop & Artist Showcase at The Nashville Palace

Songwriters Workshop & Artist Showcase at The Nashville Palace

Songwriters Workshop & Artist

Showcase at The Nashville Palace:

Country, Bluegrass & Gospel Artists,

We are having a artist showcase at The Nashville Palace on August 2nd, 2008. The showcase site is at;

US Talent Showcase

and we are also holding an artist & writers workshop and seminar on August 1st at The Hall of Fame

located at The Best Western on Music Row.

JK Coltrain